Stego User Manual

What is The Stego?

Stego is a mobile test scenario authoring tool based on AI Vision recognition technology.
  • Easy to write without code (No Code)
    Because scenarios are created by drag&drop of UI elements, even beginners without programming knowledge can easily create test scenarios.
  • Fast sest scenario authoring
    The AI ​​can help you to write your test scenario by analyzes the image in real time and provides the user with a list of UI elements. It will enable you to write super fast test scenario authoring.
  • Write a wide range of test cases
    Through various screen analysis tools, you can write more detailed and rich test cases which was impossible to write in other tools.
  • Scale you test to Cloud Device Farm
    Testing your app on multiple devices in parallel is simple done by linking with the cloud device farm operated by
Stego Screen Example